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Quebec, Canada, Notarial Records, 1637-1935 16,529,462
Manitoba, Canada, Probate Records, 1871-1930 802,992
New Brunswick, Canada, County Deed Registry Books, 1780-1993 792,229
British Columbia, Canada, Estate Files, 1859-1949 783,176
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, Homestead Grant Registers, 1872-1930 668,623
Ottawa (Gloucester), Ontario, Canada, Tax Assessment and Collector Rolls, 1855-1919 230,527
Alberta, Canada, Homestead Records, 1870-1930 206,457
Canada, Fenian Raids Bounty Applications, 1866-1871 40,012
Quebec, Canada, Land Grants, 1763-1890 34,477
Canada, Soldier Homestead Grant Registers, 1918-1931 17,952
Ontario, Canada Land Gazetteer, 1875-81 17,293
Nova Scotia, Canada, Land Petitions, 1765-1800 11,354
Canada, Unemployment Relief for Canadian Settlers, 1932-1939 5,610
Prince Edward Island, Canada Land/Gazetteer Records: 1880 2,985
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Jail Registers, 1876-1896 2,634
Eastern Townships and South Western Quebec, Canada Land/Gazetteer Records: 1881 1,258
Quebec Notarial Records (Drouin Collection), 1647-1942 1,055
Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada Land/Gazetteer Records: 1879 1,003
A Calendar of Official Correspondence and Legislative Papers Nova Scotia 1802-15 181
Loyalists and Land Settlement in Nova Scotia 155
A Calendar of the White Collection of Manuscripts in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia 140
Notes on the patroonships, manors and seigneuries in colonial times 43
List of persons to whom permits to locate mineral lands on the south shore of Lake Superior have been granted 17
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