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Pennsylvania Genealogies: Chiefly Scotch-Irish and German, 1700-1895 12,519
The History of Scotland 8 Vol 0
Scots in the West Indies, 1707-1857 2,772
Scottish Nation Biographical History 2,289
The clan Donald 2,190
Great Britain, Portraits of Illustrious Personages, 1502-1852 1,419
The Scot in North Britain, North Ireland, and North America 0
England, Scotland, and Wales Royal Families 1,148
A book of Strattons : being a collection of Stratton records from England and Scotland, and a genealogical history of the early 975
The Picture of Scotland 0
An historical and genealogical account of Andrew Robeson of Scotland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and of his descendants 793
The Isle of Bute in the olden time 751
Debrett's Peerage - Scotland & Ireland 1825 0
Burke's Family Records 717
Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and Scotland 655
Beetons Dictionary of Universal Biography (Portraits). Lives of Eminent Persons Of All Times. (Illustrated) 1879 629
History of the house and clan of Mackay : containing for connection and elucidation, besides accounts of many other Scottish fa 599
Scotland - The Social Life of Scotland in the 18th Century 0
SCT - The Shire of Renfrew (1818) 0
Tales of a Grandfather - Sir Walter Scott 1889 (History of Scotland) 0
Auchterderran, Fife : a parish history 476
An Ordinary of Arms 448
The Arniston memoirs : three centuries of a Scottish house, 1571-1838 436
Circuit Journeys by the late Lord Cockburn 0
Place Names of Scotland 0
Peerages of England Scotland & Ireland 1790 0
The History of Glasgow 0
Clan Ewing of Scotland 384
The annals of a Tweeddale parish : the history of the United Parish of Broughton, Glenholm and Kilbucho 340
Scotland and England - John Stoddard's Lectures 0
An inquiry into the genealogy and present state of ancient Scottish surnames : with the origin and descent of the Highland clan 320
The Auchmuty family of Scotland and America 287
SCT - Curiosities of Glasgow Citizenship (1881) 0
Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825. Vol. I 278
The Cragin story, 1634-1969 : descendants of John Cragin of Scotland and Massachusetts 272
Scots in New England, 1623-1873 245
Records of a family of engineers 232
The Keith book 232
Genealogy of the Sainteclaires of Rosslyn 208
Memorials Of The Aldermen, Provosts and Lord Provosts of Aberdeen. (Illustrated) 1272 to 1895 201
The storied Kendalls : with historical and genealogical records of Scottish and allied families 193
Thoughts on the Disqualification of the Eldest Sons of the Peers of Scotland 0
Three Roydon Families 179
Scots in the American West, 1783-1883 178
Scots in Poland, Russia and the Baltic States, 1550-1850 173
A Concise History of the Ancient and Illustrious House of Gordon 172
Scots-Dutch Links in Europe and America, 1575-1825 161
The Ruddimans in Scotland : their history and works 159
Antiquitates celto-normannicæ, : containing the Chronicle of Man and the isles, abridged by Camden, and now first published, co 154
Scots in the Mid-Atlantic States, 1783-1883 150
Scots in the Mid-Atlantic Colonies, 1635-1783 147
Genealogy of the Hayes of Tweeddale 145
The clan Mackintosh and the clan Chattan 144
Scots in Latin America 137
Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-1875 Part Three 125
Jacobites of 1715 North East Scotland and Jacobites of 1745 North East Scotland 107
Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-1875. Part Two 106
Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-1875 Part 1 106
A history and lineage of descendents of a Scottish family by the name of Sinclair 96
Jacobites of Lowland Scotland, England, Ireland, France, And Spain 1745 87
A sketch of the Munro clan : also of William Munro who, departed from Scotland, settled in Lexington, Massachusetts, and of som 76
Descendants of Duncan & Ann (Cameron) MacRae of Scotland and North Carolina 65
Contributions towards a Nelson genealogy. : part I, some Neilsons of Scotland 64
The coronation stone 58
The antecedents of the Abernethy family in Scotland, Virginia, and Alabama 58
Scottish Quakers and Early America, 1650-1700 50
Genealogy of the Spotswood family in Scotland and Virginia 43
Sanquhar and the Crichtons : being an historical account of the connection of the Crichton familiy with the Royal Burgh of Sanquhar : as contained mainly in a lecture delivered on September 9, 1907, at Sanguahar 31
Seton of Parbroath in Scotland and America 28
Stewart Arms: Recent Matriculations and Grants 27
Short Genealogy of The Family of Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale, 1785-1868 25
The Family of Gordon in Griamachary, in the Parish of Kildonan 23
The Clan McNab : A Short Sketch 21
The Ochterloney family of Scotland, and Boston, in New England 17
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